Mandel Bot is an easy to use Mandelbrot fractal set viewer from Artly There Software for PPC Macintosh.

You need not pay anything to use it, but donations are greatly appreciated if you really like the application. See the readme or just visit Artly There's Kagi page.

Everyone's price is to read the Read Me. It's brief.

Mandel Bot Requirements:

  • PPC Macintosh with CarbonLib, OS 9 works fine, but OS X is best.
  • 6-12 MB RAM (8 or more Recommended) if in OS 9 for instance
  • System 9.0 or higher
  • Color Monitor, thousands or millions of colors is best.
  • Mandel Bot Features:

  • Palette Animation (cool!)
  • Back button, in case you click too fast.
  • 128 Palettes
  • Color limiter may be disengaged for wilder views.
  • Mag factors per click, can range from 2 to 16. Zoom in fast.
  • Regular fast render, or More Dwellage, Mass Dwellage for extra detail when in deep.
  • Save (limited restore to same view is available depending on zoom level)
  • In v1.1, fixed a save restore issue for some of the menu choices, and also added Mass Dwellage, tidied up More Dwellage. Corrected a redraw issue when resizing the window for the Navigation buttons area when in Classic.

    Download Mandel Bot v1.1 (About 560K Binhexed)


    v1.1 October 2, 2003
    v1.0 September 29, 2003
    v1.0A September, 2003 (non-public list release)

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    Last Updated October 2, 2003