That's right, accountants suck*...because we can't afford one. So, since we don't have one here at Artly There, we've done the next best thing to make guaranteed money and taken a full price cut off of the original Compositor v1.9.5 version which was offered at $19, and released it FREE as v1.9.5 SE. The bank will be busting at the coffers!

What's the catch? It ain't ever going to get updated. Why? Because it already has been as v2.0, v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, and so on and so forth. And you can have that nice nifty new version for only $35. (Hint)

But, lest ye think this is some cut down cheapo version, it isn't. Compositor v1.9.5 was a slick little beastie, and you can't go wrong with it, because there's nothing like it out there, and now there is nothing ever going to be like it out there ever, because it is now Freeware!

That's Right.

Compositor v1.9.5 SE is FREEWARE!

Get it here, and shut your trap.

Check out Compositor 2 and more, that's your only price. Do it here. Otherwise, download this here free thing, and have a reason to run Classic in OS-X, or otherwise a great app for your most excellent of vintage OS's and quality Macs. Requires PPC Mac , and minimum 24 MB RAM (48 MB recommended), Quicktime 4 recommended for best results.

What's in Compositor v1.9.5 SE?

  • TVScan Filter (Free!? We're nuts!)
  • DuoWave Filter (Free!? We're Double nuts!)
  • Luminosity Mapping (make a movie) (Free!? We're Triple nuts!)
  • Anti-aliased Image Rotation (Free!? We're Recalled To Siberia!)
  • Apply Actions To Movie (Free!? We're Stripped nuts and broken bolts!)
  • Create Stars and Planets, Lynn's Flare, Emboss, Sharpen, Blur, The Universe.

  • ...and oh, about 120 more filter and channel effects.

    If you feel moved to make a donation (utterly optional), Paypal on over to PayPal and send whatever you wish to or click the above Register link, and Kagi up something to your liking. Create in Peace, regardless, guilt free.

    Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, and Happy Whatever applies to you, since we are non-denominational when it comes to Happiness here at Artly There Software. Now go take on the Millennium.

    * No offense meant to genuine accountants. Unless you took offense. :)

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    Updated Very Mildy on September 26,2005